In The Texas Spirit, David M. Smith has written a series of spirited and insightful essays about the chemical industry, events and personalities in his life, and his views on trends in the national economy and other aspects of American life that concern him. The zesty style, folksy humor, and unabashed candor combine in this admirable example of the “Texas Spirit.”

  • The Texas Spirit will debut April 15, 2014
  • David Smith is part of the Texmark Chemicals Inc, an organization which has its main offices in Galena Park, TX. David serves as the President at Texmark Chemicals Inc.
  • Texmark Chemicals, Inc. operates as a petrochemical company.




Dedicated To:

  -The Working Texans of Galena Park

  -Chemical Exchange Industries, Inc.

  -Texmark Chemicals, Inc.

  -The Hope and Healing Institute (HHI)